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Preparations for “Science Data Center BioDATEN” project launch

24.04.2019 19:03

Today at the University Tübingen, the preparations for the project launch for the SDC “BioDATEN” took place. People involved with the project from various departments and infrastructure providers defined the upcoming steps and made deals accordingly. For Freiburg, the IT Services, bioinformatics and the ZSBA are directly involved.

Preparations for “Science Data Center BioDATEN” project launch

First preparatory meeting of project partners in the „Neuen Aula“ at the University of Tübingen

With Bioinformatics DATa ENvironment (acronym: BioDATEN), the applicants from the life science locations Freiburg, Heidelberg and Tübingen are planning to develop the foundation of a Science Data Center for science. Within the applying consortium, the user side is being closely inerlinked with the different infrasctructure facilities (IT Services, libraries, core facilities) and researcher groups from Hohenheim, Konstanz and Ulm through governance and controlling structures which are already being put in place at the time of the project.

For this, BioDATEN uses the technical infrastructures already available at the project partners, such as bwSFS, BinAC and de.NBI Cloud or the repositories at the university libraries in Konstanz and Tübingen. It is also coordinating with other actors in the state through the work group research data management. In the consortium rules for the conservation of and the access to research data are set and infrastructure and scientific methods for the evaluation of data are developed.

Questions regarding annotation and curation or a standardized distinction with mandatory and field-specific meta data will be addressed as well as legal and technical challenges that arise when dealing with sensitive data. The data repositories as research infrastructures will uniform standards and processes. As a result, access to data and infrastructure becomes transparent. This means that BioDATEN is making a significant contribution towards equal opportunity in science, especially for young researchers. Simultaneously, it will become easier for research groups in the state to be a part of national and international networks that are necessary for processing large amounts of data.

After the positive appraisal at the beginning of the year and the presentation of the various SDCs during the E-Science day in Heidelberg, the launch of BioDATEN is being prepared for the beginning of July.


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